I am back in Bellingen now. That is singularly the most I have been able to do for a couple of years and the lightest I have felt.

I saw Sydney and flew in planes and the savage isolation and dependency was eased for a couple of weeks.

I am back and the cloak of unhappiness is settling on me once more. I have decisions to make and the foundations on which I was making them no longer hold true. I don’t have anyone to make a home with after all. No matter. One day done. I have been to Mosman and flown on planes and spent my granddaughter’s 4th birthday with her and I am home. I do not need to make any decision tonight. Bed and Book and leaving you with a slideshow of some of the things I have been doing and wonder why my Kids don’t really like me or want me.

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Tech Savvy Seniors vs. Social Isolation | Keeping Connected | YourLife

Chris’ StoryFor almost three decades, technology and computers have been a part of my life, but now at 68 years old, they play more of an important role than I’d ever have thought. Actually, I don’t know what I’d do without them. They have helped transform my life.In 1994 I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and as a result, was left with significant physical and mental injuries. I had to retrain my brain and regain my motor skills. My journey wasn’t quick, or easy.I believe that technology helped me considerably. For a long time I’ve been familiar with using computers but becoming tech savvy all over again has made an amazing difference to my life, and continues to.

Source: Tech Savvy Seniors vs. Social Isolation | Keeping Connected | YourLife


Still away in Eden but flying out tomorrow. Gifts are wrapped for Clara and Jim is gifted up. I am quite well albeit nervous over the trip and the next stage of my life. No matter tonight. We have cake to eat. Baked by Poppy. Then a bag to pack.

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

f social rupture is not treated as seriously as broken limbs, it is because we cannot see it. But neuroscientists can. A series of fascinating papers suggest that social pain and physical pain are processed by the same neural circuits. This might explain why, in many languages, it is hard to describe the impact of breaking social bonds without the words we use to denote physical pain and injury. In both humans and other social mammals, social contact reduces physical pain. This is why we hug our children when they hurt themselves: affection is a powerful analgesic. Opioids relieve both physical agony and the distress of separation. Perhaps this explains the link between social isolation and drug addiction.

Source: Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

When the Answer Is Peace | LDS.org Blog

Answers to my personal prayers have always come in many forms. Sometimes it’s calming music in the right moment, a scripture that speaks to my heart, or a prompting to reach out and serve. At times, something finally comes together that I thought never would. But when I am struggling the most, it’s sometimes a different answer. And I’m often reluctant to recognize and be grateful for that answer. It’s an answer that is hard to “listen” to because it doesn’t always feel like an answer. It is when the answer is peace.

Source: When the Answer Is Peace | LDS.org Blog


We shopped today and enjoyed it but I have hit a sudden place inside. The decision I make about where I live – well – lets not make it around my children or grandchildren. I don’t think my self-esteem can handle much more of it.

It needs to be meetings based. I do not know where that leaves me and  I have been to afraid and too sad to think of it before but I rather think that’s where I am being led.


Having a good time and not that keen on going home. I got a lift to Merimbula Meeting today with a man who lives off grid with his wife. We all had coffee did the meeting and generally had a good time.

I have a few meetings in me now and tickets booked for the trip back. First I have  1/2 days with myKids here.  Feeling pretty good.

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staying clean with wrinkles

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staying clean with wrinkles


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