I have a walking stick.

We bought it maybe 5 years back at Bellingen Markets.

I have a staff as well.

Never thought I would need them like this.

But damned if the walking stick isn’t adding quite a lot to my freedom.

It gets me into the creeks.

I thought you needed to use walking sticks as second legs.

My Mum did because it was her knee that had failed her.

But for me – I never could manage it as a second leg.

Now, I have found a way to use it for balance and strength.

Damned good, so it is.

Takes me across the rocks to the water.

Takes me into the water and balances me from tumbling down.

I have a walking stick.

rocks into the creek at gleniffer aka the promised land


I think the Brain is functioning more normally at last. Maybe the damage has healed and I now face only repercussions of brain fog from Hep C and Sepsis. The other odd feeling has been gone a month or so now.

The physical movements are definitely better than they have been since the Coma in 2014.

I can feel muscles working that have felt like tissue and caused severe pain and cramping up till recently.

Glory be.



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