COOL AND DAMP. We lost Susan 6 years ago today.

I sat beside her as she passed. WE all miss her still. She was a devoted mother and aunt and my only sister. She had lung cancer. She touched my finger as she passed and one tear rolled down her cheek.


Once again, almost an entire day in bed. But then dinner with the Girls at their place. Gordon is now critically ill in Coffs Hospital. Gram had a flat tyre beside the highway and because she has no mobile it became quite a drama and very difficult for her. These really are quite difficult days for all of us.

Tonight is Facetime with Eden. Tomorrow I have 4 things booked but doubt that I shall be capable of them all. Esp as we wait to hear what’s happening with the  Children’s grandfather.

Now the thunder is rolling the hills and the night is passing. ITS RAINING HEAVILY NOW. Its been a long dry spell here. Now the Rain comes.

I am getting somewhat better because I can see the needs and pain and joys of other people again. That has been a long time coming.


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