After yesterday’s achievements, I spent today at home.  I have been offered lifts by a new woman and will get to that but today I spent at home. I didn’t get many photos but I did get the flowers. The pond is filling up after some damp days. We have a lot of greenery here but the birds seem to stay up very high and I can rarely photograph them.

I seem to have been crazy forever and this week I am just my normal crazy. Its raining which has been rare for months. Long time ago, I read a thing that said:


I know Life can go anywhere from here as can my mind and body and emotions – but for this week – SUDDENLY WELLNESS HAS COME.




I have included a post from the FaceBook Group. I am having a good week but this is what its like to live with sepsis. Thankfully, here in Australia, the expense is not the big issue. Yet.

I want to thank you all once again for your caring and support. We will be laying Emily to rest tomorrow and I’ve never been such a bundle of nerves about anything in my life. My feelings are all over the place. Part of me wants tomorrow to just get here so it can be over and another part never wants it to happen. I keep expecting to wake up and shake my head over a bad dream. But I know it’s not the case. I am very lucky to have an excellent support system out here in the flesh world – I would have gone absolutely mental without it. Which brings me to the amazing and compassionate people of this group. Y’all have helped me in ways you may never know. Saying ‘thank you’ is not enough.

I know that Emily died because of sepsis, no matter what bullshit cause of death will be written officially. She was terrified of dying from it when they released her prematurely last summer. Her doctor confirmed this to her a month or so after the fact. Her insurance simply wouldn’t continue to pay for her to stay. A month after her release, her insurance was canceled. We couldn’t afford the ridiculous amount to reinstate. So she died because of incompetence and money.

This is UNACCEPTABLE. When I have a clearer head, I will decide what role I am to play in this fight. But make no mistake. I will fight for this cause in some way. Emily tried to the best she could while she was alive. I will take up the mantle in her place.

No one should have to suffer as I and her family are suffering because of the fact that sepsis is treatable if handled properly.




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