Another bed ridden day. I was quite happy but it does worry me a little. I missed a lift to Urunga NA and shops with Kaybee but – I rested. I am beginning to go with the flow of the condition I am in. THE GIRLS bought my dinner including a Weiss Bar. I did take a walk to the bottom of the Yard and saw the ducks. I am a little more muddleheaded than I have been but its not as bad as it has been over the last couple of years. Its just that I have some business to attend to and its mixing up in my head.

Sad though I am at the many losses such as my Alfa Romeo and the kayak and much more, I am beginning to feel the ease I had in Bilambil. A load of a size that I can handle. There is more to go as yet. Little bit at a time.

I am planning a trip to Eden in April if they are not coming this way.

Guess this day is winding down. The Kids’ grandfather is in palliative care and their father is up here visiting. Best let Jaybee know, I guess.



Hello, I usually just read and sometimes might comment on some posts. Tonight, I wanted to share my victory. Early this morning I was able to walk around the outside of my house without help. I have been so overjoyed today being able to do that. It has been going on 8 months now since Sepsis done a number on me. I am steady trying to find the new normal me. Walking without help is such a huge victory. I was in so much pain and trembling later that I laid down but I was victorious, I did it. I have to learn how to control not being able to sleep at night, bad dreams when I do, aches and pains most of the time, somewhat confusion, slight hearing problems and my skin itches all the time. When I read other posts I am encouraged that I can do this. I know I will always be on oxygen, but that is small stuff. I am on a roll. I just wanted to share this and thank you all.


and another


No its not always about sepsis. But you have had a trauma.
Imagine being in a terrorist attack, or horrific car accident , friends would probably be a little more understanding about the difficulties you face daily, and if you told them you had flashbacks or nightmares.
But not so with Sepsis.
If you look at what we remember happening to us in Icu, some of that is like a former of torture, and that is without the hallucinations and trying to remember what’s really or not. And all this was to help us survive, but it’s left a legacy lurking deep inside us, that even if we are coping well on a daily basis, and getting on with life, it’s still there, and will randomly pop up for whatever reason, if that makes sense?
Even writing these feelings about the whole icu experience now, I can feel the tight chest, tearful feeling lurking, like a frustration to try make others understand.



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