Once again, I have had a healthy day and went shopping in Coffs. I didn’t need a trolley as a walking aid and was able to walk quite long distances without breathlessness or fatigue. I did an Aldi shop because they say Rains are coming with possible flooding.When it floods, North Bellingen where I live is cut off from Town.

Tomorrow I shall buy and SD card and pay my chemist’s bill. They deliver my medications on Monday afternoons. Not that I have many but it makes life much easier.

I have, then, a fridge of food and likewise the freezer as well as some packages and odd cans.

Its hard to describe the exquisite beauty of being pain free and able to move freely again. I truly never dreamed that that would come back.

I also experienced another day where the rage didn’t rise over small incidents and opinions etc. That is also beautiful and I did not expect that to ease either.



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