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I watched 2 pigeons today.

I did the NA Meeting and enjoyed it and now we have Perfect Pizza coming. My leg continues to improve. My appetite has returned. The nose bleeds have stopped and I have some energy returning.

i sometimes still can’t believe that I had it all – complete relaxation and security with my Izzy – and then had it taken away.  Still can’t believe it.


and about illness

1. Nobody wants to feel sick.

2. Many doctors don’t understand chronic illness.

3. Being unable to work is not a vacation.

4. Chronic illness can trigger many emotions.

5. The symptoms of chronic illness are very complex.

6. Chronic illness fatigue is much more than being tired.

7. Pain is a common symptom in those with chronic illness.

8. Brain fog is extremely frustrating.

9. There is a greater risk of dangerous infections. 

10. Certain foods can aggravate symptoms

11. Sensitivity to smells is common.

12. It takes a lot of effort to manage chronic illness.

lynne 4

Andy Quan

A Word From The Feral Pigeon

Rats of the sky, with wings
why us? Not the lucky farking doves 
– a few shades lighter – who escape 
disdain, logos of lefties world-over.
We’re mascots of the displaced, crowded,
overpopulated, but our cooing as beautiful
their excretion just as corrosive.


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