and about illness

1. Nobody wants to feel sick.

2. Many doctors don’t understand chronic illness.

3. Being unable to work is not a vacation.

4. Chronic illness can trigger many emotions.

5. The symptoms of chronic illness are very complex.

6. Chronic illness fatigue is much more than being tired.

7. Pain is a common symptom in those with chronic illness.

8. Brain fog is extremely frustrating.

9. There is a greater risk of dangerous infections. 

10. Certain foods can aggravate symptoms

11. Sensitivity to smells is common.

12. It takes a lot of effort to manage chronic illness.


I am tired now but quite normal. I ate a whole pizza and a peach and now I am sleepy. Now and then I jag a balance of these chronic illness conditions and life is sweet as. I AM getting the knack of staying in the day and trusting . It has taken 2 1/2 years to get to that point.

The Eden people have had fun and I am glad.

Roger said to me in early days of recovery – LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. I seem to have finally managed to do that and peace is the outcome.


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