THIS EVENING my Kids asked me up for a roast dinner. It was marvellous. They really can cook. I have had another sleepy day. Getting used to it. My leg is still a little sore and my thinking a little muddled.Dinner was just what I needed. I am as weak as.

MY EDEN KIDS STILL have my brother and his partner visiting and they look happy from their photos.

I think a home cooked dinner with fresh vegies and meat has been specially good for me. The little girls were laughing and hugging me and at the end of the day all is well.


I forgive myself for being less than perfect, that’s how I will love myself and others today. Perfection is that myth that I carry around in my head to beat myself up with and to make it seem others fall short. That celluloid image against which I measure myself and come out feeling lacking, that yard stick with which I hit my own back side. Today, I will see perfection and beauty in what is. I will have an attitude of forgiveness toward myself and others for being other than what is expected. We’re all just bumbling along mostly doing the best we can, sometimes worse than we should, sometimes better. Just for today, I won’t get hung up on imperfection.

I forgive imperfection

– Tian Dayton PhD


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