We went shopping today about 20 kms up the road to the bigger shops of Toormina. That meant a small mall and an Aldi. Years back in the late 80s and early 90s when I got clean, one of the Agencies trained me in supermarket shopping as we rebuilt my fractured family.  I became very good at it but rarely need the skill these days. I watched my Girl today and memories came back of those poverty stricken and broken days in Sydney. We have done very well.

ONCE AGAIN I HAD MORE ENERGY than I have had.I need less and less to lean on the trolley as a walking aid. I can pack my own groceries now instead of Kaybee having to.

They say the rains are coming and possible floods but they haven’t come yet. I wonder whether they will at all.

I have dates in my head for travelling South now – anxious though I am about it. It will have me there over Easter and during the school holidays. That should work quite well.


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