The rains came. They have kept us almost all day. There has been some flash flooding but not here.

I have booked 2 flights to get me to Eden on April 10. I don’t find these things easily. I don’t know that I ever did but certainly not now. I left only one hour between flights which is pretty crazy. It does turn out that I have left a bag of clothes in Eden so I shall travel with just one small carry on bag.

I am to have endoscopy on the preceding Friday. This is another ” FRAUGHT” expedition. I miss Izzy’s companionship and travelling a la duo – but I CAN DO THIS.  I can do this.

Step by step.

Sometimes, when I am alone for long periods, my mind journeys about all over the place. Just then, I was wondering how I looked to the Police in the Forest with Izzy. I think I showed no emotions. I didn’t bend and kiss him or even touch him.I did think – at this point , one could go mad, quite mad  – but I don’t think that showed.

I just said – ” that’s him “. With detectives and police everywhere.

And with the wet weather here, my mind has been considering the many floods we were in. He was most unused to them and he was funny as. It was nice having companionship during floods as well and not being alone to dig trenches and make decisions.


You can’t change reality, but you can change your attitude towards it.


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