The Struggle to Balance Energy and Chronic Pain | The Mighty

Balance!How do we achieve it? I think for any human being balance is very difficult. But for those of us with chronic pain and disease it seems to be even harder.I wake up one day and feel actually pretty good. So I want to accomplish more than I usually can do, but I know deep down that doing too much on a good day will set me back the next day. I only do my best to do just enough to help me feel productive and make sure I rest in between saving my “spoons” (from the spoon theory) to be able to do more with my family or for the next day. But you see, that is a good day!What happens to balance on a bad day? There are days when no matter what I do I just wake up having one of those days. More pain, more dizziness, more confusion, more blurriness, and more disorientation than a normal day. A normal day means something so different to me now, but that is a whole other blog.On a bad day, I do not want to do anything. My body just says stay in bed. Thankfully I have a 2-year-old who won’t let me. So matter what my body says, at 6:30 a.m. I have a cute little girl saying “Mama Mama… hi.” Still, on a bad day I will be slower, and I will probably let her watch “Signing Time” and “Curious George” a few more times than I want her to. I need to remind myself it is a good thing I got up for the day. Even though it hurts to move and takes me twice as long to get the whole family ready in the morning, I know that still doing small exercises help. I still have to make myself walk, maybe not as far, or not as fast. I know that even though I need to rest, I am much more afraid of getting worse if I don’t use muscles regularly.

Source: The Struggle to Balance Energy and Chronic Pain | The Mighty


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