Today I found myself at the corner store, known as The Prov, and damned if I were not in a lighthearted and youthful mood. I saw the staff look at me startled. I have been so ill and so unhappy.I guess it took them by surprise. It certainly took me by surprise. I was actually happy.



May I ask please if anyone else struggles with their speech? I’m 3.5 months post sepsis and I am really struggling to speak to anyone other than my husband and kids. I’m getting so frustrated that I can never find the words I want to use and could normally find beforehand.

I wonder whether this is physical side effect or a confidence thing.

Not many people know this as I haven’t been out an awful lot and I can communicate via text much easier!

Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite Time seems to be healing mine. But it is 2 1/2 years. I still have difficulty focussing in a conversation.
Joanne  I was like that ! Its mostly gone now !
One year , 3 months for me
Sheila  14 months and I still mix up words and forget words. It is very frustrating. I feel like people think I’m an idiot sometimes. I also stutter now as well, tripping over my own tongue as I search for the right word. I’m hoping it passes soon for all of us who suffer from this.
Isabella  I forgot the word for arms recently, and forget other words, too. I posted about it here, I think. (Or maybe it was in a comment. I have memory trouble, too.) At 3.5 months post-septic shock, I didn’t see many people besides family and doctors either. No speech therapy for me, it wasn’t offered. 4 years ago for me.
Louise  Me too so frustrating x
Cecille  Yes..its so hard focussing a conversation. It’s been 2 years now.
Jules Ah very interesting and nice to have people that understand! I think I will search for a speech therapist in July when we move home if it doesn’t improve. I will report back. It takes a bit of pushing yourself to meet up with people doesn’t it.
Dee  I stutter all the time , I’ve had to slow my words a lot !
Janis Cognitive impairment is common post sepsis, I think it is included in PSS description. I’m 6 years out from septic shock, and still have “word” problems. Often I can “see” the word in my mind but can’t spit it out. Or loose train of thought mid sentence. Very frustrating.
Helen  my hubby is the same dont give up hope just keep trying what he found was good was reading out loud and speaking into a webcam when he couldnt find a word he would use another i know how much of a struggle it is but honestly keep your chin up your doing amazing

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