I really am considerably better than I have been for a very long time.  I had acupuncture again today and some happy times once more. I got myself home in the Taxi and I took a fine pony ride. AS well as that, two horse riders came down my street. Ah my – life is fascinating.

It has remained grey and overcast all day but we are not copping the huge storms that Sydney is.

I have no idea which thing has changed life for me in the last couple of months but MiGod it feels good. I NEVER thought it would get better.


I posted this today and am surprised at how many people agree with me. Especially those of us who have done it tough.

“I KNOW people mean well with head shavings and many coloured ribbons and marathon runs etc – but after a couple of rough medical years – I surely would like to see people doing and giving things that actually helped the ones in trouble and involved them.
Like Pink Ladies and other Hospital Volunteers. Home visitors. And many other ideas I haven’t thought of.
Something with some dignity and personal interest. And NONE of it going to Huge Charities.
There’s one. Have a Big Morning Tea by all means – but try using recipes that some of the people being ” helped ” have provided.
Right – and involve wheelchairs etc in smaller marathons.
Get to the People. Its lonely out there and so many fund raisers leave out the lonely and the ill. Gimmrackery.”

Jo  i was lucky and a cognitive / speech therapist was assigned to me during my first year post sepsis while going through PT and OT rehabilitation. that therapist saved my brain. i started with the simplest of cognition exercises: like 3rd grade math and reading/comprehension and memory exercises and worked up to word finds, crossword puzzles, sudoku, even tried lumosity. it may seem silly but but it all worked. it takes a long time for your brain to recover. keep doing things though.
Jo this therapist taught me about how much energy the brain needs to complete functions. and since our bodies are healing from such profound illness from the sepsis, everything is depleted.the brain gets tired easily. i was dxed with fibromyalgia and was exhausted all time – still am 5 years later but not as bad as those first few years. really though, i think it’s PSS. cognition issues are very common post sepsis.

Another post got me thinking…were you offered physical therapy/another kind of therapy in the hospital? I was going to get PT, but then had an emergency situation, it wasn’t rescheduled, and I never heard another word about it. I wonder if that’s part of the reason why I’m having all this trouble now (probably not, but I’m hoping for a concrete explanation & am just curious)

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