I have been so much healthier today that I have been able to go places and do things. Up North the towns continue to flood and the levees to be breached but we are OK here and the fat cyclone whore has gone out to sea and disintegrated.

As for me, i could move around and tidy up. I went down to the Prov and on the way back figured I might as well try Braithwaite Ave on the Pony. Gee it was steep and spooky but it was fun. Casuarina Ave was also steep but I made it to the Kids place and Jaibee spoke a good deal to me of how these machines work best so that I know a little more clearly what it is that I am dealing with. I came home up their street which is likewise steep but was OK. Then we picked the redhead up from School and had afternoon tea at the Prov and now I am doing Facetime with Eden.

What a pleasant evening that has been.

Good Night, Eden. Good Night Red Gum. Sleep well.

God Bless the Flooded people.


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