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Made it through. I went with a really nice Community Transport Driver and the people at Day Surgery are excellent.  Nonetheless, the blood tests came back with some fluky stuff happening and they almost didn’t go ahead. In the end they went and and found that the ulcer isn’t quite healed but the varices are very small and didn’t need banding. Dr Ross is referring me to a specialist. He says the bloods are critical.No wonder I have been so tired and unwell.

The same lovely driver brought me back to Red Gum and we laughed , me and the Girls , and played and had Chinese for dinner. I don’t know what the outcome of today will be and it don’t matter. ONE THING AT A TIME.

The gastroscopy is done and I strangely enjoyed it. My ordinary life lacks lustre at best and is often intruded upon by my residential conditions.

I really did have a nice time and a nice time at the Kids. Next plan – my Travel to Eden.



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