Day before Yesterday I flew from Coffs Harbour to Merimbula. It is really only two 1 hour flights but I spent 5 hours in the middle at Sydney Airport with my brother and Arkue. I enjoyed it very much but was mighty tired by nighttime when I took the REX flight for the last stage. I had a deal of trouble breathing as I  got on board. I sat next to a Chinese Gent who asked me a series of questions about my health. It turned out that he was a locum on his way to Bega Hospital and he was so kind to me and carried all my luggage off. It is a great pleasure to be out and away and seeing new things and people. Restricted though I am.

Yesterday Poppy and I went shopping in Eden and I was happy and today I have been sleeping and quite content with Jaybee at work and Poppy back out in the bush.  Its Easter this weekend.

Down here in the South there is a chill in the air. The Snowy Mountains are not far away. I have 2 granddaughters down here and a son.

I would like to give living here a try but I don’t fancy leaving the Little Girls up North. I am hoping some pattern will form where I can go between the two. I would also like to get more meetings in there as well.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy the flying. How much I like having life around me. I feel as though I am buried alive in the Den. The plane struck turbulence and then we flew in the dark – and oh ! how i loved it !

In the next few days, I will be seeing the Wharves and Twofold Bay and boats and trawlers.  It is so very nice to not be alone. To be with my family. I am so lonely so much of the time.

And when I go home, I do believe I shall get rid of the double bed and get a single one.



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