Life proceeds.  I am a little weary with one bruise on my arm but not tormented. I took some of the acid which clots the blood.

I drove the car again and this time I visited Kaybee and Clarz.

I have been very much involved online in a dispute over the removal of the old trees in our town but am not deeply disturbed today.

I have facetime in Eden and I am tucked in as I like to be at night.

Maybe tomorrow I shall try the new AA meeting.

In the meantime – home.


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

Often you may feel very human, very powerless, and question ‘of what use are family, friends, suffering, humiliation, and trying to cope with this disease?’ In the coming weeks, much rewriting will take place in the chapters of your mind and emotions. Try not to discard the many new drafts, but to edit them and learn the truths imprinted there.

Keep me steadfast, as I adjust to the many new pages in the story of my life.


Its hard out here.

Enthusiasm ebbs and flows.

Its hard out here.


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