I thought I had best take my thinking a little further tonight. It has been an unseen battle to reach this point and I know that it may not endure and yet it might.

My forehead has begun to bleed but I refuse to panic tonight.

I have journeyed far to reach this place and I am not so easily befuddled anymore.

One of the things which almost defeated me was the loss of security and good times and love. My life has actually not been all that easy and at last I had Izzy in my life and it was easy and happy and seemingly SAFE. Then in a moment it was all gone. Since then it has been one loss after another loss and now I am back in a position I know well as a single woman pensioner. This time I am older and less well.

I thought as each thing left me, that it may well be the thing which did me in and for long periods have not wished to go on.




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