Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Today I am open to making small changes in my life that lead me, a step at a time, on my spiritual path to recovery. I have faith in the guidance that I am receiving. I trust that I will know intuitively when the time is right for those changes.

Today I bounced into yet another day’s protests. Interesting indeed.

I am really tired but still able to drive.

One thing I did today was to look in the local clothing store and put aside bamboo pants and shirt. Black – as I like them. $100 but I can pay them off and will do so. The assistant was a darling and pegged exactly what I wanted and what I meant when I described it.

I sat and chatted with a woman at the metal bench where the shade trees were only yesterday.

I even took a look out at Gleniffer where I had hopes of a studio. Turned out it was already rented.

Still, I don’t see my Girls. Still, I don’t talk to Lise. Things are changing and the next clear sign is not yet here.

There is a fire of personalities in NA at the moment and I have not the least intention of playing with any of them. At the moment, its about the small things. It is about going and getting the new outfit and about eating good food from the choice of shops I now have.

For now – its about getting my washing done and setting up a direct deposit for the money I owe for Meals on Wheels.

It is about small doings.

And it is about somehow finding a wealth in each day. I have seen enough death and been near enough – often enough- to KNOW that the “future” is actually of little relevance to anything. I don’t yet quite have the knack but I will. Of dwelling within the present.

If you are in the wrong place, the right place is empty.

I also have reached a time to be of courageous disposition and truly stop giving a fuck about what other people think of me. I almost made a decision in the last weeks – an arse crawling decision – to be pleasant to someone because they may have been able to give me a home and then I realised what I was doing.

I disagree very strongly with her principles and just will not make my decision based on the possibility of her helping me. Guess thats why I always end up back down here on the bottom of the pile but I seem to be made that way.


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

‘For a time we are living inside a scream where there seems to be no exit, only echoes. The small cares that seemed so important yesterday seem like nothing, and our daily concerns become petty and irrelevant. When we finally reclaim ourselves, as we ultimately do, we are changed.’– Kent Nerburn, Simple Truths

I am swept into a reality where I see what is truly important, my recovery, and I carry that knowledge back to my daily life.


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