Letting Go

Letting go of the past and moving on is a tall order; it requires a kind of releasing that I still find difficult to do. My past will always be in the shadows of my memory to haunt me if I do not recognize it as a part of me. If I pretend it’s not important, grit my teeth and force myself to numb myself, I have missed the point of this process. On the other had, if I am unwilling to let go no matter how many times I have worked through certain issues, I am also not allowing myself to be fully healthy and return to life. The part of my healing that is a flowing through the stored pain from the past is a decisive, forward-moving action.

I understand that, as part of my process of healing, my responsibility to let go and move on. – Tian Dayton PhD



Once again I slept almost all day but I DID go driving round town and I DID go to Fullers’ fruit and vegies and got Poppy a present from The Yellow Shed. Then I visited the Kids and Zaf was home and unwell. It was a good fun visit.

I didn’t do a meeting. I am tired of Meetings. I am tired overall.

I talked with Jillian down at the Yellow Shed of the early 70s up here when a few of us first came. WE talked of the things we did and the things we believed in.

My day is almost done. I have eaten well and I have the heater on. Now to send money for Maddy’s birthday shopping. Then to sleep.

Along the road well traveled, there are many pity potholes.


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