Sometimes , I wish that 67 really was OLD as it once was and that I could simply STOP now. Of course, its not what I actually want. Well, I don’t think it is but sometimes I would like to STOP.

If I am to go on, there are some things which would make it easier and more wonderful

a home free of addiction

a home free of insanity

car parking near my front door

water close by – very close by

a home which made my heart sing and brought me joy and peace and vibrancy

where I unpacked my treasures

with a bed with a view

I know the feeling I want. I have had it for very long periods in my life.  Now it needs to have a little less work to it. I want it to be  a place where the Kids can stay and visit.

I want exquisite beauty and birds coming to the house and privacy.

I want the kind of buildings I love.

I want the sunsets and the sunrises and the stars and the clouds.

I want to have my office set up and my work to hand.

I don’t know what I am meant to do next – but surely I know how I want to feel. AT HOME and ON COURSE.

Or else I shall lie there some more wondering whether my time is done and I can relax into Oldness and maybe into the Cessation of Being.

And here is the letter my Poppy sent me when I was so very ill.


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