Surprise.  Surprise.  Bed till Noon.  Breathing not easy.

But I do have the car and can get out and about now.

THE microwave has blown up. I thought the cockroaches that were in the LED display could do some harm and so they have. That restricts my meal preparation dramatically.

THE BLOW UP FOLLOWED MY POSTING A PIC of a Meals on Wheels meal from 2016 which I was majorly unhappy with. The damn thing went feral on Facebook and so the “Service Provider” rang threatening me with being sued for defamation and something else.

We fought our way to a HALT. I liked him. But there is a lot I do not like about Aged Services. He wanted me to take the post down but I don’t think that I will. I have clarified the details – date etc. But I do not feel like pretending that  I think paying for meals when volunteers do so much of the work is a good idea. Nor is the packaging and transporting from interstate and far away.

I do not think that expressing my opinion is defamatory. I am pretty sure that I can say ‘ I DO NOT LIKE’  or ‘ I would prefer …..”

Today a parcel came for me and it was BODY SHOP from Eden. Delightful. For Mothers’ Day.

AND WITH THE NIGHT HERE, I tire. Some tears come for the days gone and for Izzy gone. Kids scattered and life – well its pretty hard to live some days. Esp. when managers ring me and there is nowhere to park in town and Rain is forecast on Show Day.

With the night here – I sorrow and mourn. For my sisters and my Mum and Dad and for the Grinding Poverty.


THIS is when I could speak to him and between us we would work it out. He would handle managers and debt and sadnesses. But he is gone and everyone is gone. There is no more snuggling in bed and no more shared life and I go on with the Life I have lived for so long and I don’t know how to go on.

I don’t know how to go on. I feel like vomiting from feeling sick about things.

Whoa ! What a reaction to a very nice manager but one who was going to intimidate me if he could. I feel sick because I complained about one meal. Too much to do with the straight world since I got sick. I didn’t like it young and I don’t like it now.


Its Fecking hard.

John from U.K.

I ACTUALLY DID IT. Went to the swimming pool by myself after joining over a month ago but just not been brave enough to go . After about 15 minutes of help from the lovely staff there I managed to swim again well if you can call it swimming I moved about in the water by myself for an hour so some good exercise the staff helped me out as well it is the only pool in this area that has a disabled access into the actual pool. I feel really pleased I hope soon I will be able to swim like I used to people who have not been through sepsis just dont understand losing every movement in your body and having to learn the simplest of things again this is a massive mile stone for me and all by myself without Sam or petra to help I just hope the agrophobia keeps quiet so I can go again tomorrow. One more week and it will have been a year. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this for the first time since coming home I feel positive..


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