I DID my washing at Kaybee’s place today. I don’t have a working washing machine. Sometimes. Lise does it but I would prefer to do my own and am feeling well enough to do so at the moment.

Kaybee was cooking a huge meal for the family of J who died. She is a good cook, my Girl is. I like Community. The cooked meals got me through a year or two after Izzy’s death and my illness. Its not just that its food although that counts. Its also that the food is cooked and delivered with LOVE. The kind of Love that keeps people going.

The Kids all grew up together and are still bonded. That’s Community.

Its been a cold day but inside here is warm enough. The being dug into the side of a hill makes it dark and grey but rather well insulated. It was 6 degrees when I woke up.

I am waiting now because Kaybee said she would drop food in for me as well on her way home from delivering the Big Meal to the Mourners.

I am not thinking much of late and that feels good. The Fear has eased and some inner core is forming. Long may these things last.


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