A chilly day. Jude and the Boys visited Kaybee and we had a good afternoon, chatting about this and that.

Then I headed home and got a call from Nic who was in  town because on of our men from Coffs had died. She came visit here and we talked for hours before she headed back to Lismore.

I didn’t get to the meeting because I were visiting with the Family but I did have several hours with Nic who is 22 years clean. We go back a very long way. I have her on my list of people to visit with. Up there in Lismore.

The whole house is empty tonight and I sure do like it that way. I really need a space of my very own. No matter.



Waiting is a great quality: it is deep patience, it is great trust. The mind cannot wait, it is always in a hurry. It knows nothing about patience; hence it goes on piling questions upon questions without getting the answer.

Sabar comes from sabr: it means infinite patience. Those who are in search will need infinite patience. Patience is the greatest religious quality; if you have patience nothing else is needed. Patience is enough, enough unto itself. Patience means hope, trust, and without any hurry, without any impatience. Impatience simply shows that you are not trustful. Impatience simply shows that you want to impose yourself upon the will of God, that you want it right now. You don’t want him to work on his own. Impatience means, “My will is greater than your will.” Patience means, “I surrender my will to your will. Let your be my will, so whenever I am ripe, whenever — if it takes an eternity it is okay — I will trust, I will hope. I will not lose my heart, I will not be disheartened.”