I posed this question on Facebook tonight .

Would anyone like to tell me how come my life remains pretty much in the gutter ? I am cheerful enough sitting here – but you surely could not call me a success story.

Just going to put some of the responses so that I can consider them later.


I have looked at your life in a way many do not,as an observer and as a photographer…When I see the smiles in your grand kids faces and the relaxed way they are around you and the gifts you pass onto them.I see a woman that is a teacher and a carer..I see no failure !


I’m fucking alive because of you !!! That must count somewhere on some scale. And I do know it Lynne we are old now … And the real ones who knew us and loved us are dead and gone … It’s lonely and I can’t breath very well , nobody turns their head when I walk down the street. I’m wrinkly and punks not here to make my tea and most of the time peoples yarns bore me to tears yeah ? I know I’m a great mother a fantastic brilliant nan … But it appears all’s that left is a strange slow decay. Until death … Life is full of abuse from people who are suppose to love me, people I gave birth to. So. ?? Of course I’m depressed of fuck it I’m eating more apple pie


I’m not sure who scale you are using. I measure success by what you have given not what you have gotten….I measure it by loveliness….you rate highly in my book


Money in the bank is a convenience, it’d be nice to have but it is not a measure of success. You can still laugh, as a mother, you have been responsible for the furthering of your family line and you are so loved. Much more value in those honest achievements than any cash or possessions


Change your perception and look inward, you are the Matriarch sitting on top of your world.


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