I have been loooking back at the trip we took down South in 2013 and all I could see was just how ill he was looking. Pleased with his loss of weight. But he was too thin. Too frail. His hair was falling out. But do you know, we had the happiest time in those last months. I felt the strong surging of love and had promised myself to be more gentle and more kind with him – and I was.

We were very, very happy.

But MiGod he was ill.



Just a few little bits. A visit from the Kids and a chat at the Providore.  Then Peter Barry borrowed the Kaye Bass to lay down some tracks and teach Jo Pierce. That pleases me. Izzy would have wanted to see his instruments used this way.

So now its nightime and they say RAIN is coming bigtime. Ain’t raining yet. I am fog headed this week so I am not worrying about doing anything. I didn’t go to the funeral in Coffs. IN fact I haven’t even crossed the river for 2 days. I feel OK. Think I have another UTI and I am taking Ural tablets and sleeping it off.

How Jill Singer found happiness during year of medical horror | Herald Sun

This is not an illness I have – but the medical mistakes and presumptions are things with which I am very familiar.

My life is still full of purpose. I am determined to continue working as a feminist writer and advocate for those whose lives are less privileged than my own.On the medical front, we can see that those who can’t afford private health cover are being routinely disadvantaged. One of the “gold standard” diagnostic imaging tests I was privileged to have was a cardiac MRI. It cost $500 and was totally non-rebatable by Medicare.If you don’t have private cover and your doctor wants you to have this test, you must wait for the public system to somehow absorb the costs. Nor is there any Medicare rebate for MRI scans of breasts, prostates or spleens.Australia likes to think of itself as giving everyone a fair go, no matter what their background. Who are we kidding and why does it happen?

Source: How Jill Singer found happiness during year of medical horror | Herald Sun