Ye gods this period of my life continues in its own oddity. Best part of the day was NA Meeting in Bellingen. What a great group of people it was ! Full on. My well-loved Nic and a new woman from Albury and solid people. I came out of it with a hint of emotions from long ago – of certain direction and hope.

Now I am tucked in as usual. With Eden in front of me on Facetime. and bed warming up with a new author that I am enjoying. Dang if I cannot feel the ingredients of life as I like living it. Just some fine tuning time.

Its getting very cold and very wet and I am tired but its very early. So I had best potter for a time.

It was a Step 4 Meeting.

WE stood around and talked and chatted and laughed and cried. I actually like Meetings and Recovery. When I get there. I love the depth and the passion of it. I love the power . I love the twist it causes in my thinking. Well – maybe more the untwisting of my thinking where it has become distorted.



and coldness before the feet

bringing me home now

bringing me home