Darkly visible, the Way seems as if it were there.

I had the pleasure of going with my Girls to Coffs for the first ear piercing of the 7 year old.

It followed a morning of turmoil here and dispute.It remains my solid hope that I am out of here in 2 weeks or less. I refuse to live amongst the insanity of active addiction.

I do not know what the next thing will be but I am no longer playing this game here.

So off we went to Coffs and we had a great day.

I was very much aware of my increased strength and endurance and clear thinking. I am also aware of a personal dignity returning and the AA saying :


It was actually a very busy day with quite a few issues in it. And now its night and I am OK.

How one treats the innocent, the simple, and the helpless reveals one’s character and moral aptitude. The historical hermit, deliberately shunning that which the world values most, becomes by default ignorant, innocent, simple, and helpless.

But the hermit is strong, persistent, conscious, and willful by worldly standards — more willful because of the status of calling, personality, and the vicissitudes of eremitism contrasting to the world.

This duality of characteristics makes the hermit capable of both being and identifying with the simple, yet capable of being and identifying with the motives of intelligence, spirituality, acculturation, harmony, equanimity — those virtues which the poor are often incapable of attaining or expressing in their ignorance, and which the powerful are equally incapable of in their stubbornness.



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