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I DON’T KNOW WHETHER I am farther away from the grief of Izzy and the shock and trauma of the coma – well I am but I don’t know whether or not that’s all it is – or whether my attitude is beginning to change. I enjoyed today. I enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of it.

The enduring steadfastness in our non-demonstrative family. My son in law cooked a fancy brunch with the little ones helping.

All around it has been a happy day. I did not think they would come again.

I am on Facetime now on the day before Poppy’s 13th birthday.


I still drink a glass of water with utter delight after the terrible thirst of waking from the Coma.

I left my kids in 1987. They had a terrible early childhood with 2 addicted parents. I left them and got clean that day and began to work on growing into the sort of mother who would be best for them.

About a year later they were sent to me in the City. I raised them as a single Mum. I think I was a pretty shakey Mum – but migod i was devoted as I am still to this day. We lived in the City and then we came home to Bellingen. They are now adults with children of their own and we have surely been through many things.

Arkue tells me of their courage and persistence when I was in the Coma. Good Kids – they are and amazing parents.

Finally I am able to be astonished at surviving and having more time with them and the 4 girls. To have patience return and movement.

And now I am tired and pleased. I will close with  another Sepsis quote.


The paragraph on recovery is spot on. Two years post sepsis and not a lot has changed apart from myself. We will never be back to who we were, that’s not possible due to the severe trauma we have been through but we are survivors. One day at a time