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mad nana

THE girl has gone home till Friday. I don’t know what plans I have. Doc tomorrow and a Pickup on Thursday for the Merimbula Meeting. Maybe Merimbula on Tuesday Night or Eden on Wednesday.

For now. Still sleeping a lot but much happier with loved ones around and not strangers over my head.

Now that I have been in both places, I am more ready to make a choice about where I live next. I may well base it on Meetings.


Not feeling so good. I booked in at the Doc next door and liked him very much. He took blood and gave me meds. I go back on Tuesday.

I also went shopping with the family and then down to the Snug Cove which I love.

I might be overtired and I might be weak and breathing rough – but I am with my loved ones and I am happy.  Home cooking. Lifts all around. Just plain happy.

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