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Journey at a Trot.
I’m very busy now. I’m scaling heights,
I’m swimming after dark from winter shores;
the fishers know my name, and there are nights
when ragged people warm my heart, because
they share the little that they have. I’ve slept
upon the beach, sung jazz up on the stage,
and wandered wild for days where sorrow crept
to snuffle at my heels. I know the cage
that is my isolation. Here’s the door.
Just watch me run! I gasp, my body aches
but still I must go on, there must be more!
I’ll find the energy although it takes
its toll of me. My love has passed away.
I push to just get through another day.

Kathy Earsman 2004

Album review: Marguerite Montes/All the Time in The World | wordsaboutmusic

Album review: Marguerite Montes/All the Time in The WorldPosted: March 26, 2017 in Album review: roots, Uncategorized Tags: All the Time in The World, Andalusia, Dexter Gordon, Django Reinhardt, Duende, Jaco, Joni Mitchell, leonard cohen, Marguerite Montes, Peter Urquhart, Stéphane Grappelli, Yngwie Malmsteen 0Well-meaning friends, from time to time, alert me to Youtube clips of 8 year old Japanese Yngwie Malmsteens or junior Jaco bass shredders or, best (worst) of all, 12 year old Blues screamers.While I admire the meticulous programming that is takes to get these little automatons to such a level of facility, I am general left yearning for a gnarly Dexter Gordon ballad or at least a few croaked Leonard Cohen lines. Because it is a life fully lived that ultimately makes for good – and real – music.East Coast songwriter Marguerite Montes has lived a full, rich and colourful life – much of it in exciting boho circumstances, some of it in pain and darkness. Her new album of songs with violinist Peter Urquhart is informed, bruised and kissed with the ins/ups and outs/downs of her life. The eight songs on All the Time in The World are performed in a voice that carries the years in it – but is not worn out by them, only burnished to a clear, fine-grained glow, like any well-tuned and well-loved instrument.

Source: Album review: Marguerite Montes/All the Time in The World | wordsaboutmusic