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‘Miracle’ hepatitis C drugs costing £30k per patient ‘may have no clinical effect’ | Society | The Guardian

Drugs that have been hailed as a cure for a debilitating and sometimes fatal liver disease – but have threatened to break the health budgets of most countries because of their cost – have not been proven to have any effect, according to a new review.The startling conclusion came from the respected and independent Cochrane Collaboration, which has assessed all the drug company trials of the breakthrough hepatitis C treatments.Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes chronic liver disease and can lead to death from cirrhosis and cancer. Previous treatments were not very effective and had side effects that many patients could not tolerate.

Source: ‘Miracle’ hepatitis C drugs costing £30k per patient ‘may have no clinical effect’ | Society | The Guardian



Today I went shopping in Toormina. That’s up the road a bit. I went with My Girls. We had sushi for lunch and I got new pyjama pants. Then we did Aldi.

Medically – Dr B from Coffs called me. The pressure is still on to take the Hep C medicine and I am surely inclining towards doing so. JayTee had taken it and thought she was better for it.

Lordie me, I do not know.

I am a little touched and feel relieved that he called me. I was not impressed with his visit the first time  and his lack of knowledge about the Hep C and I challenged and fought and now it looks like I am , as Johnny Carr once said ” VALIDATED.” I may be able to work with him on these terms. Same as Dr GeeH here in Bellingen.

People tell me to be glad that I have survived but it is not as simple as that. Most of those who tell me that haven’t actually lost so much and nor are they sitting here in the circumstances I am now in.

Sometimes I bang into walls or sink into mudpits which I didn’t know were there. Bang ! And I am on a land mine.

I take a look at a pic of Izzy and me and I am crippled by the awareness of the loss of the years and the things we were doing. Then the knife slices through and I don’t know what to do now.

I have slipped somehow into some forcing. When I do that , I become ill and depressed. It might work for certain dispositions but it does not work for me. So I back off. Go Gently and relax once more.


Maybe one day – things will come truly good again. Maybe. 


Newer Hepatitis C Drugs Linked to Liver Damage –

A report issued January 25, 2017 by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has found that some of the newer drugs used to treat hepatitis C may put patients at risk for liver failure. The report is based on an analysis of 12 months of adverse events (side effects from drugs) reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from use of nine antiviral drugs from doctors around the world.What did the research show?The ISMP report found 524 incidences of liver failure associated with the drugs, and 165 of those 524 patients died from their liver failure. Another 1,058 patients had reports of severe liver injury. This report comes just after the FDA issued additional safety precautions in October 2016 of using these drugs in people with both hepatitis C and hepatitis B infections. The ISMP report states that while the antiviral drugs appear to suppress the hepatitis C virus, the treatment opens to the door to the reactivation of the hepatitis B virus. All of the 524 cases of liver failure included the direct-acting antiviral drugs, often in combination with each other or with ribavirin. In addition, the report found 761 cases in which the antivirals failed to work.While the findings from the ISMP report show the need for additional research on the safety of these drugs, the report doesn’t give detailed information on the patients. These medications are approved for hepatitis C, a condition that already affects the liver. It is not clear whether the liver damage and liver failure cases would have existed whether or not the patients were treated with the antivirals.1-2

Source: Newer Hepatitis C Drugs Linked to Liver Damage –





And not that foolish inane encouragement either.


Well, I went to the new Doc. He is a man maybe in his 50s and I was impressed. Early days of course but I was able to talk to him and I knew that he understood the things I have been thinking. Maybe age is important for some of these complex illnesses. He has sent away for all my records .

He understands that I do not wish to take Harvoni without more certainty of a good outcome than I have at this time.

He also thinks that the pain in my right side could be postural. I surely have moved strangely ever since the Coma.

The biggest thing I came out of that visit with was a feeling of being respected and validated. I also did not come away afraid despite the seriousness of the illnesses that I have. The path in front of me needs assistance from People who do not make me feel afraid.

The Receptionist turned out to be the partner of a muso and she invited me to a performance of REQUIEM in Urunga in a couple of weeks. Amanda was also there and Jo – all Musos. It turned into a very happy visit and opened a door onto some hopes I had lost.

My Girl joined the Guides today and loved it.

I have paid the rent despite my worries about this. Tomorrow I shall pay Internet despite the same concerns.

I also booked a haircut for Saturday. I simply must get some pleasure back and some optimism.






FDA slaps black-box warning on hep C wonder drugs, citing risk of hep B comeback | FiercePharma

The market’s revolutionary hep C drugs are getting a black-box warning from the FDA–and while it likely won’t dent sales much, it’s a blemish on a safety record that’s so far been fairly free of serious side effects.Tuesday, the agency said it would bestow its most serious label warning on a group of direct-acting antivirals (DAA), comprising Gilead’s Harvoni, Sovaldi and Epclusa, AbbVie’s Viekira Pak and Technivie, Merck’s Zepatier, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Daklinza and Johnson & Johnson’s Olysio.The reason? The meds increase the risk that a hep B infection could come roaring back in current or previous hep B patients.That’s a big problem, U.S. regulators noted, highlighting “a few cases” in which reactivated HBV in patients on DAA therapies caused serious liver problems or death. And so the new cautionary language–which will appear in the products’ medication guides, as well as on their labels–will direct doctors to screen and monitor for HBV in all patients on the new-age hep C fighters.The crop of so-called wonder drugs has seen record-breaking sales since Gilead rolled out the first–Sovaldi–in late 2013, in part because of near-perfect cure rates. But a lack of side effects has also been a key feature in elevating the drugs over earlier–and cheaper–rivals; difficult-to-tolerate interferon-based regimens patients relied on in the past came along with flu-like symptoms and other unwanted effects for some sufferers.

Source: FDA slaps black-box warning on hep C wonder drugs, citing risk of hep B comeback | FiercePharma