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I thought the heat wasn’t going to be as severe as they predicted but as the day went on it built up and was staggering. The ducklings came hunting round the yard. I am lucky here because the Den is built into the side of the hill and stays cool.

In the afternoon, I went with the Girls to Gleniffer. To McFadyen’s Bridge. We weren’t sure that I could access the water BUT I DID. My stout walking stick and my Girls helping me through the barbed wire and across the rocks and I had such a good time. It was crowded but everyone was bonded by the severe heat and we all chatted and mucked around. The S.I.L. came as well and fair jumped from the bridge as he did when he was younger. We used to live out there.

I had a really good day. Went to Gleniffer and there were heaps of people there but all friendly and bonded by the heat.
I never thought I would be getting through barbed wire fences again or crossing the rocks to the river. BUT I DID – with a little help from my family . Met some nice people and am actually happy.


I caught my back on the barbs and stabbed my foot on something and it plain didn’t matter. I think some major changes have happened to me over the Summer and they are good ones. Like not fearing every nick and cut. Like Being able to stretch and bend. Like the clear head. Hard to explain. I can sit here and write and think all at once. I have not been able to do that since the Coma.

I walk now without consciously needing to direct my steps. My breathing seems better. I seem to be able to hear what people say and comprehend it.

I seem to be less fiery and touchy.

The water out there is clear and fresh and cool and we were happy.



Its still heatwave, so they say. About 10kms from here is a swimming hole – well a lot of swimming holes – in Gleniffer, also known as the Promised Land. We went out there this afternoon and had another very happy time. I am getting more agile and my thinking is remaining clear. All of us were laughing and relaxed. So good after out 2 1/2 years of Trauma.

I STILL HAD SLEPT MOST OF THE DAY – but was comfortable. I take a wooden walking stick out with me now and that gives me balance. Tonight was my usual weekend Facetime with Eden. And now I am happy.