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Another post written in the daytime. Its still rainy an grey. I have rearranged my air ticket to Merimbula but could in fact have stayed with my original plans which – as it turns out- were sensible and valid. I spoke with REX airlines today and he explained in detail that my luggage can be booked from Coffs on Virgin right through to Merimbula on Rex.

As it now stands my brother is coming to meet me at the airport and then we have 5 hours or so to fill in plus the Rex flight will be landing at Moruya as well. No matter. I learn a little everytime.

HERE is another day inside alone. Too damp to walk or ride the pony and my nergy is still extremely low with some bleeding from nose and skin on face. With a headache. On my left foot us a red mark where acupuncture was done and I fear that sepsis may have been ignited there last week. It is not yet fully receded. I am tired and still breathing with difficulty and very teary and emotional and a little confused mentally.

My negativity is attempting to overwhelm me but I am kind of doing OK at converting it. I shall take a nap now and read some Harry Bosch. I have eaten a proper lunch and taken the acid for the blood.

I am now attempting to achieve what may be small feats for some but are HUGE for me. An endoscopy on Friday and a Flight South on Monday. With my head which is now free roaming in its nature, I am up against it here. Nevertheless – I PROCEED – and only you guys know how difficult it is for me.


Night is here and today hasn’t been quite so bad.  The flights are organised. My brother is meeting me at the airport in Sydney and my son in Merimbula.

Lise has done and hung my washing and I have some meals from Kaybee. I have only to pack a little and get through the endoscopy. Then HOLIDAYS. I do not call myself a very Portable Woman. But I am getting things in shape.

Come along my muddle headed beauty. We can do this week.